Shaping the Investment Future: Offering in Real Estate Tokenization

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Exclusive opportunity on our 2024 Token Offering!

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February 27th 2024 at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST!

Welcome to a pivotal moment in investment history!

“Shaping The Investment Future” is not just a webinar, but a gateway to the future of investment opportunities. At REtokens USA Inc., we’re excited to invite you to join our landmark 2024 Token Offering, a pivotal event in the realm of real estate tokenization. Having already achieved over 50% commitment in our capital raise, we’re at a thrilling juncture, ready to redefine the investment real estate landscape.

With this launch, we are perfectly positioned for exponential growth in 2024.

We’re proud to announce the February 2024 launch of our new proprietary software and product offering – a testament to our commitment to excellence. This breakthrough represents the culmination of extensive efforts to create the most superior product in the real estate tokenization space. Our ambition is not just to lead but to revolutionize the industry. With this launch, we are perfectly positioned for exponential growth in 2024.

This webinar is your chance to be part of this exciting journey, where we offer investors the opportunity to buy security tokens (equity) in REtokens USA, Inc.

Tyler speaking in Vegas about REtokens


Tyler Vinson, CEO/Co-Founder
David Kirschbaum, CTO/Co-Founder

What You Will Learn

How you can own a small part of every property we tokenize.

Our webinar will shed light on the explosive adoption of tokenization in 2024, illustrating why our investment offering stands out as one of the most thrilling opportunities of the year.

For the first time, we’re lowering the entry barrier for accredited investors, allowing participation with as little as $5,000.

This unprecedented move is designed to make our offering accessible to a broader range of investors, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and innovation in investment.

Moreover, we have invested significantly in ensuring legal compliance, working alongside some of the top attorneys in the United States. This effort underscores our dedication to integrity and trustworthiness in every aspect of our operation.

Excitingly, REtokens is also in the process of developing a secondary marketplace for real estate tokens. This pioneering platform will be a first of its kind – not vertically integrated, enabling all SEC-compliant real estate token issuers and buyers to trade their real estate tokens.

This is a watershed moment – the time is now. With over half of our offering already committed, we anticipate the remaining spots to fill up swiftly. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a future where real estate investment is redefined, democratized, and accessible.

Join us in “Shaping The Investment Future” and be part of the investment revolution. Register now to secure your spot in this landmark event.

Be part of a future where real estate investment is redefined, democratized, and accessible.

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Fill out the short registration form below to be part of this extraordinary opportunity! We will have a special announcement “live” on the webinar as well as a Q&A opportunity that you will not want to miss! Live attendees will also get investment priority to invest in the amount of tokens remaining!

Once you have registered, we will send you the details of the “Shaping The Investment Future” live webinar event with a link to join on February 27th 2024 at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST!

Can’t make the live event? We still want you to be part of this epic journey! Register anyway and you will receive a recording of the event three business days later, it just won’t have the special announcement, live Q&A or priority investment time period. For questions please call our office directly at (509) 414-5123 or e-mail us at today.

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This is an investment offering. None of the information on this website or presented in the webinar is legal or tax advice nor is it professional investment advice. It is the opinion and experience of our collect team. Every situation can be different. You should always seek a licensed professional for legal, tax or investment advice.

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This webinar has passed. Last chance at this extraordinary investment opportunity! We are almost full so contact us today for availability. If you believe in real estate as an investment and that the future is digital, this may be the perfect investment for you.

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