“Minting” the Future of Real Estate

Live Webinar

Reg. D 506 C (Accredited Investors Only)

Last chance at this extraordinary investment opportunity!

We are almost full so contact us today for availability. If you believe in real estate as an investment and that the future is digital, this may be the perfect investment for you.

Tyler speaking in Vegas about REtokens

What You Will Learn

How you can own a small part of every property we tokenize.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Why Larry Fink of Blackrock said “all securities will be tokenized”
  • What does it mean to tokenize real estate and what are the benefits?
  • Why making the ownership digital is such an industry disrupter
  • Our secret sauce, and why we are best in class
  • Q&A Session

If you believe in real estate as an investment and want to get ahead of the crowd, our Security Tokens may be the perfect investment for you!

Tyler Vinson, CEO/Co-Founder
David Kirschbaum, CTO/Co-Founder
Tom Whitehill, Technical Advisor and Blockchain Expert
Gary Romell II, Digital Securities Attorney

Don’t miss your chance to invest in what we believe is the most transformative innovation in real estate since the inception of the internet!

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This is an investment offering. None of the information on this website or presented in the webinar is legal or tax advice nor is it professional investment advice. It is the opinion and experience of our collect team. Every situation can be different. You should always seek a licensed professional for legal, tax or investment advice.

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